Who We Are

SAIL is a group of nearly 200 homeschool families from all around the Collin County Area. As one of the only inclusive groups in Texas, we pride ourselves on our diverse and welcoming membership. We are an all-volunteer organization, actively working together to provide our families with activities, resources, and a network of support. Our love for our children and desire to provide them with the best and most effective learning experiences encourages our strong sense of community. 

The group is led by a five-member Board of Directors who are elected by the general membership. All board members are active SAIL participants and serve two-year terms. The SAIL Board of Directors is dedicated to advancing the mission of SAIL by fulfilling its duties according to our by-laws.

SAIL Board of Directors

Co-Leaders: Aaron Dowdell & Erin Kirk
Treasurer: Matt Kirkpatrick
Secretary: Sara Boswell
Director at Large: Lee Kader

SAIL members form a support group for the entire homeschooling family, and member participation is integral to the strength of our group. Though we have no mandatory participation requirements, each and every activity on our calendar is created by a member volunteer based on individual or group interests. Members are encouraged to volunteer their unique talents and abilities in order to increase both the variety of opportunities for our children and the diversity of our homeschooling community.