Membership Requirements

Application for participating and voting membership in SAIL is open to any* homeschooling family in Collin County and surrounding areas that supports the purpose and mission statements found in the SAIL By-Laws. SAIL membership applications are held in pending status until all membership requirements are met. All SAIL members are required to maintain these requirements throughout the life of their membership.

*Exceptions: While SAIL strives to be an inclusive group, there are rare situations that would require the Board to decline a family’s application. Due to potential safety concerns, it is our policy to deny, restrict, or revoke a family’s membership in SAIL if we find out that an immediate family member is listed on the Sex Offender Registry.

1. Review SAIL Policies

Prospective members should review SAIL’s By-Laws, Code of Conduct, Activity Guidelines, Release of Liability, Media Policy, and Posting Guidelines prior to completing the online membership application. All applicants will be required to submit digital signatures agreeing to these policies during the application process. 

2. Complete Membership Application & Forms

All new members must complete an online membership application. Fill out the membership application request form to receive the link to the SAIL membership application and instructions on how to complete your SAIL membership. You will receive email notification from the SAIL Membership Team when your online application is complete.

3. Attend a New Member Meeting

Attendance at a short Monthly Online Information Meeting is a prerequisite for SAIL membership. All membership applications are held in pending status until the applicant has attended this meeting.

4. Pay Annual Dues

Initial annual dues for new members must be paid in full for membership approval. Dues invoices are emailed to new applicants who have completed a membership application and attended a new member meeting. All applications are held in pending status until the Membership Team has received the dues payment. Cash is not accepted. All SAIL members are required to stay up-to-date on their annual dues. The SAIL Membership Team will notify all members of the annual membership renewal period.

Dues Schedule

New Members$30 if you join in June-March ** 
$12 if you join in April or May *
Current Members$30 due during August renewal period
Alumni Members$8.50 due during August renewal period

5. Continuing Membership

The SAIL annual membership renewal is held each August. To renew, members must pay annual dues of $30 **. During the renewal period, dues need to be paid online before the deadline. Specific information about renewal will be sent to SAIL members the last week of July.
* Dues are prorated for new members who joined during April or May.
** New members who joined during June-July are not required to pay annual dues during the August membership renewal of the same calendar year.