Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start homeschooling?
A. A great place to find information on homeschooling in Texas is at the Texas Home School Coalition web site. There you will find details about legal issues for homeschooling in Texas and how to withdraw a student from public school.

Q. What about curriculum?
A. Selecting a curriculum is a highly personal decision that takes into account your child's learning style, level of parental involvement, family worldview, and more. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on curriculum to get started. Spend some time determining how your family learns together before spending a lot of money! Here are a few of the many resources available to help homeschoolers evaluate and select curricula: has information on different teaching methods and curricula.

The Home School Book Fair in Arlington occurs annually on Mother's Day Weekend.

THSC Southwest Convention and Family Conference in The Woodlands occurs annually in July.

NTHEN Summer Homeschool Conference in Plano occurs annually in late summer.

Rainbow Resource is an online discount homeschool curriculum supplier. provides information and reviews on a variety of homeschool curricula.

Q. What is SAIL?
A. SAIL is an inclusive group for homeschoolers in and around Collin County. SAIL members work together to support each other and to create activities and social opportunities.

Q. Who can join SAIL?
A. Application for participating and voting Membership is open to any* homeschooling family in Collin County and surrounding areas that supports the purpose and mission statements found in Article I, Sections 2 and 3 of the By-Laws. Click here for information about joining SAIL.

*Exceptions: While SAIL strives to be an inclusive group, there are rare situations that would require the Board to decline a family's application. Due to potential safety concerns, it is our policy to deny, restrict, or revoke a family's membership in SAIL if we find out that an immediate family member is listed on the Sex Offender Registry.

Q. How are SAIL's activites and events planned?
A. Every activity, program, party, event, etc. is planned by one or more SAIL members. All members are encouraged to work together to create social and educational opportunities for SAIL families.

Q. What is the organizational structure of SAIL?
A. SAIL is governed by member-created By-Laws and a Code of Conduct and is led by an elected five-person Board of Directors. Teams of members work together to create, manage, and maintain all SAIL's programs and benefits.

Q. Does SAIL collect dues?
A. Annual dues of $30 are collected in person upon joining and during Membership Renewals in August. Those who join during April and May pay prorated dues of $12 upon joining and the regular $30 during Renewals in August. Those who join during June and July pay $30 and are not required to renew until the following year.


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